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Kosher Restaurant Aventura

Kosher Restaurant Aventura, If you've been thinking for business or pleasure about visiting Aventura and wondering if you're going to discover kosher food, we've got the response. Our kosher restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants specializing in kosher food in Aventura, Florida. To guarantee that our food complies with Jewish dietary laws (We are under KM Supervision), we follow strict techniques. Only chosen 100% pure premium cuts are used for beef and we always go for fresh vegetables. We offer gluten-free options. We meet very stringent kosher requirements to guarantee the best quality of all food served from our kosher restaurant. We are a premium kosher restaurant offering not only delicious food but also extremely praiseworthy customer service.  You can trust that you will never forget your dining experience with us.

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Kosher Restaurants in Miami. The period of the “Three Weeks” began yesterday, Sunday, July 21st with the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tamuz. The Three weeks culminate with Tisha Bav on August 11th. 

There are different levels of mourning rules that the Jewish People observe during this time to remind us of the tragedies that occurred. These laws are important lest we forget our past.

Closed for 6 weeks.