Laws about the Kosher Restaurants in Miami during the Three weeks based on KM new

Laws about the Kosher Restaurants in Miami during the Three weeks under KM Supervision

Kosher Restaurants in Miami. The period of the “Three Weeks” began yesterday, Sunday, July 21st with the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tamuz. The Three weeks culminate with Tisha Bav on August 11th. 

There are different levels of mourning rules that the Jewish People observe during this time to remind us of the tragedies that occurred. These laws are important lest we forget our past.

 The Three Weeks – Laws about the Kosher Restaurants in Miami

  • During the Three Weeks the kosher restaurants under the KM Supervision do not listen to live or recorded music. If you must have background music playing, it should be A Capella music (vocals only, no instruments).
The Nine Days: The Nine days begin at nightfall on Thursday August 1st. – Laws about the Kosher Restaurants in Miami
  • The Kosher Restaurants in Miami under Kosher Miami Certification may NOT cook with any type of wine during the nine days.
  • KARNE Kosher Restaurant will have an special menu for the Nine Days with different options of Fish, Sushi and Salads Dishes.
Tisha B’Av / Fast Day: The fast begins on the night of Motzei Shabbos (August 10th) and ends on Sunday night August 11th at approximately 8:45 PM:
  • KARNE Kosher Restaurant in Aventura will be closed August 10th, Saturday night of the fast and August 11th, Sunday.
Check out Our Special Menu for the 9 Days:


If you want to make a reservation visit:  or make your reservation via phone, Call us at (305) 690-7103 or via  email to reserve your Karne Spot.

Karne BBQ, GRILL & SUSHI Restaurant is located at 3585 NE 207th Street Ste C3, Aventura, FL 33180. USA[/vc_column_text]


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