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Enjoy Your Private Event In A Private Room In Our Restaurant

Restaurants with private party rooms near me

Restaurants with Private Party Rooms Near me?

Make your private occasions more special at Karne, kosher restaurant in Aventura!

At Karne, in the Aventura Waterways, we are not just the owners of a restaurant brand, but also the creators of everlasting memories. We offer our kosher restaurant, which has a capacity for 150 visitors (75 inside and 75 on the terrace), to people who are looking for a space to throw a private party or host a special event with select people.

Throwing a private event or party at Karne, a kosher restaurant in Aventura puts you at the helm of the show. From birthdays, graduation parties, anniversary parties, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, baby showers, and bachelorette party to team building and fundraising event, our customizable venue is where you need to be for making your get-togethers unforgettable for everyone.

Experience the exclusivity first-hand!

No matter what party or event you wish to organize, choosing our venue means you are creating a personalized experience for yourself and your guests. Our exclusiveness lies in our customized approach to each event, providing you with all-inclusive venue buyouts and fully customizable menus and semi-private options- all as per your requirements and budget!

At Karne, we make it easy for you to make the space yours. Together we can create the unequaled atmosphere that you desire for your party. Not to forget, the options to bring in rental amenities like photo booths, candy buffets, and many more options are available so that you and your guests can enjoy your event to the max!.

Adding our signature drinks to the mix can lift the spirits of your gathering. As well as our outstanding drink packages featuring a plethora of beer and wines for everyone to sip on.

Why choose us?

• Kosher Certification

We are under Kosher Miami (KM) Certification. All our plates are Pat Yisroel, Bishul Israel for Ashekanzim and Sefaradim and we have Bet Yosef Meat Available.

• Versatile event planners

From family gatherings, parties with friends to private corporate dinners, we have the resource to organize any party for you. Our strength lies in our ability to juggle multiple aspects of an event—from conventional gastronomy to drinks to guest activities— and let everyone have a ball of a time in our Restaurant Private Party Room.

• We make everything about you

We know your event means a lot to you. Since this is your event, you make the choices. Every package that we offer is designed to meet your unique party needs and give you 100% satisfaction at the end of the day.

Stop looking for a Restaurants with Private Party Rooms Near me. Get in touch with us here to reserve our venue for your next event. We will be glad to have you with us at Karne, kosher restaurant in Aventura!

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